A Poet’s Sigh

The poet wakes with a sigh, always alone

in a flight of the imagination where mind and

heart lives this is where the mind’s eye has

gone. An invisible musical string holds back the

tide that carries the words of a happy bride; she

is left upon the blank page with the groom of her

dreams; to life they cling.

Happiness, humorous, sad or deadly, the Wedding

poem complete laid upon the poet’s desk, the last word

written; the poet’s best. Within the poet darkness dwells

looking for a brighter sphere, a home for the well of words,

a place where words can find a home; but the poet is

always alone.

10 thoughts on “A Poet’s Sigh

  1. Ah yes… Been in that place a time or two. I sometimes think it’s just because sensitives who tend to be handy with words also end up just being “watchers at the windows of life.” That’s a theme I come back to time and again. But being on here has been good for me because I’ve found there are a LOT of us standing outside those windows looking in.


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