Honeysuckle Memories

23 Jun


Honeysuckle Memories

Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree Poetry Books – A Collection of revelation poetry. These 8X11 coffee table books will display well on coffee tables or in any reading area. The matte cover is classy and inviting. Within each book the reader will find approximately fifty poems.  A length pleasing to browse, read one or more; and one will find a connection, a meaning and a purpose in each poem.

These collections of poetry are filled with inspiring thoughts and reassuring words with a factual viewpoint on the many experiences in the life of the poet.  Each collection serves as a prevailing reminder that life is complex.  That happiness is in our hands alone; that the fear of unhappiness is deep-rooted in the spirit and soul.  That depression and despair is real and each individual must find the freedom of mind, body and soul to move forward in their life.

Each poem has been created from the fabric of a patchwork life, complex, stress-filled, enlightenment and wisdom. This collection of thoughts brings the reader along on the multifaceted journey of the poet’s experiences throughout life, the sorrow, the pain and a fragment of happiness within the mixture.


Dr. Karen MoriartyAuthor of “Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy” [about the incomparable Michael Jackson] writes –Honeysuckle Memories is Southern living, tragedy, memories and nostalgia, as a former teacher of English and creative writing, I approached the reading of Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree’s “Honeysuckle Memories” with real enthusiasm. Poetry is not a wildly popular genre in this day and age. However, I have always enjoyed it, partly because it can be consumed in bits and pieces and at any time of day or night. This book did not disappoint. I consider poems the poet’s personal journey of heart-soul-and-mind. The poet-author’s background as a child who grew up in northern Alabama, a sharecropper’s daughter who farmed for his living, colors much of her work. I enjoyed the flow of her writing, her style of combining prose and poetry, and her reflecting the imagery from her earlier memories in vivid terms.

I recommend that you buy and read this book. It is priced well — to entice the potential reader to venture into the realm of poetry. Ms. Johnson-Murphree enjoys, above all else, sharing her love of writing with others who will enjoy it, understand her better, and share her personal journey.Karen Moriarty

The King

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  1. roseroberta 'Bobbi'

    July 16, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    I’m glad you like my poem….hope your book does well.


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