Innocence Breath


Once fearless, spirit broken; Innocence no

longer understands the meaning of love.

She writes upon an invisible page, the Keepers

spewing words of rage. He held all of the

treasures, her love he once obtained; he never

cared for her or the pain he gave.

Sorrow lingers in the twilight, while the tears of

the Angels fall upon the earth, into the sea;

remembering the beauty that once was and no

longer can be. Quiet falls upon a sparkling shore;

dreadful hours gone like a stormy wind in the

night, as the Innocence soul takes its flight.

There will be no flowers covered by morning dew,

darkness has left her spirit is free and new. What

follows this perpetual fate, no tears, pain or hate;

love no longer tossed away, earthly needs melted

away; the Keepers heart will remain evil until he

takes his last breath; Innocence is free with her death.


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