Beyond Today…


Beyond Today…


Why does the mind’s eye not see the future?

Does this fog of mystery intentionally obscure

Visions of tomorrow?


Would human intellect be unable to cope with

The naked

Landscape of truth?


Only the spirit knows the endless land beyond



Its perfection

Its tranquility

Its infinity.


Why is the mind’s eye blind to the acceptance of

Living for today?


7 thoughts on “Beyond Today…

  1. I think not knowing the future is best, life full of hope and expectancy. . . But liked how you wondered sbout our eye looking into the future, Elizabeth.


  2. Hi Elizabeth. I wish it were possible for us to see the future though life would no longer be challenging and exciting. Seeing the future belongs to God. Maybe He wants us to see the present first (which we still see only a minute fraction), before He can give us the faculty to see the future.Cheers!


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