12 Aug


Decisions …

Life’s plan changes daily by events that

happen to us along the way; the outcome

based on every decision that has ever been

made. Expectations written into your plan

may never be met; yet one can survive a

lifetime of unhappiness, sometimes feeling

much like a thief stealing love or pretending

to belong is all one might get.

Feelings are a privilege for those who have

had, and never lost, for those who have locked

the doors on their emotions for the sake of

pleasing others, have done so at a great cost.

Living details, moment-by-moment experiences

in life, these are the most important things…

not strife.

It is never too late to make changes, to devote

yourself to details, make this the time to discover

whom you are; maybe it is time for a new start. If

the years behind you are more than those that lay

ahead… the future is at the forefront of your

existence, and the end may be near, when you look

back on the plan for your life, will it show that you

played the right part?



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