Life is not a Dress Rehearsal…


Life is not a Dress Rehearsal…


The essence of descent into life takes root in childhood.

Without choice the journey in due course will end; many

times in sorrow. The caretakers of our existence bestow

the gift of direction upon our tomorrows.


Life is a hierarchy from which expectations sprouts hope.

It reaches beyond the core of our beginning. Beyond the

reach of those from which we descend.


The perception of childhood can be deceived. Living within

the shelter of acceptance in a world filled with make believe.


It is the epoch of adolescence that is difficult to endure.  

Castles in the sky built upon the sands of childhood falls into

an ocean of doubt as we sail toward a world that is no longer

innocent and pure.


Youth passes, living only in the yesterdays of our minds. Life

becomes complicated and the visions of early days suddenly

became blind.


As adults, we convince ourselves that we are no longer allowed

to dream. We find that life can sometimes be unkind.


We must learn if what we are taught is true, one finds after they

have walked the crest of mountains. Waned in the valleys of

discontent that the years one has are few.


If life is not what you wanted and you believe the world is not within

your reach. It is time to follow your own path, with you in control of

how your journey will end. Life is not a dress rehearsal… maybe it

is time to return to the visions of childhood, remember your dreams

of yesterday; start living again.




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