I Hate You, Please Don’t Leave Me

10 May

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Stated by Jack…”Intelligent conversation is a must for me, I will avoid anyone who cannot discuss most topics with charm, knowledge, and sparkling wit. I will also not be around addicts, practicing alcoholics, casual drug users, smokers, and perverts.”



All these attempts to impose order and fairness on a naturally random and unfair universe endorse the futile struggle to choose only black or white, right or wrong, good or bad.  ~  Jerold J. Kershman.

The two most traumatic events in my life happened before I was five years of age.

The first was that I was so small and premature at birth I was taken from my mother and put in an incubator, for I believe six weeks.  This was in 1950’s England when postnatal care was not what it is today.  Some say I would have suffered from that feeling of maternal abandonment.  Some say I was lucky not to have died

The second was the death of my principal carer, my maternal grandmother, when I was about four years old.  My memories are clear, and I know we loved one another tremendously, in a way that I…

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