The Light of Day – A 100 Word Story

25 Jun


The Light of Day


She was born in the spring; a soft wind blew across the tall grasses.  The rising sun promised spring, the warmth welcomed.  The sun was setting when her soul begins walking in the deepest valley, her breath stilled.  Her father took her to the nearby creek, washed, wrap her in a soft cloth laid her beside a large boulder, and fell asleep with a prayer on his trembling lips.   As he wraps his baby, he gave her a Chippewa name that means “The Light of Day”.  As the sun rose, he woke to see the baby moving.   Abedabun was alive. 







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4 responses to “The Light of Day – A 100 Word Story

  1. tmezpoetry

    June 25, 2016 at 11:13 pm

    My great Grandmother was half Cherokee Indian. These stories are felt.

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