I won’t lose my serenity at dawn

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Poet at the edge

We all begin anew at the break of each day

without penchants and prejudices obstructing our view,

and I have opportunity to drive away what I should’t say,

breathing risk of the majestic along with morning dew.

There’s another side of life I heard talk about

and today will be my turn to walk through its door,

but I will probably run through it with a shout

or take wing like the Phoenix or Pegasus and soar!

The cold simile of our existence will begin to fade

and the universe we were dreaming of will unfold,

but the sorrowful notes will be given their space to invade

creating a story we can tell that heretofore was untold.

Then you roll over and wake me, saying “pretentious prick,”

and I have a thought that no matter how true it becomes

I won’t lose my serenity at dawn just to be drawn…

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