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15 Sep

Don MacIver is showcased in this reposting of his site he writes…”A host of free information of my own plus expert advise through external article linking and resource links to help keep you stay informed on current trends and related changes as they occur.

Lasting Impressions Editing

Thank you for following Lasting Impressions Editing’s Key Word Blog!

For the past 2 1/2 years Lasting Impressions Editing has been located on two different website hosting platforms and I am pleased to make it’s current and permanent host site. Thank you for being a special part of this website blogging experience at Key Word Blog!

Here I will explore all the various aspects of my client services which focus primarily on innovative content analysis, revision, strategy and development. More specifically, I will share with you a host of information relating to the services I currently offer and any changes which may occur at a future date. Services mature and become redefined to a degree over time as newfound demand and client needs would predicate such change.


My current client services center around website and document editing and proofreading, writing and re-writing of content, publishing…

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