Run…Run…Run…A 100 Word Story

19 Sep


Run… Run… Run…

Adeen Gantry’s held in a caged sleep fought tears that seep through closed eyes; her mind wrapped in a dream of images and hateful voices.  The images of portrayal held her prisoner within her sleeping mind.  Untruths and greed prowled across her senses, relatives looking for gain from tragedy; from the death of her father.  They brought unbearable pain to the blameless and found joy in tittle-tattle that held no truth.  If they touch your life, it will never be the same.  Adeen woke, packed her bag walking quickly from her inheritance… the Gantry Mansion; then she begins to run!




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One response to “Run…Run…Run…A 100 Word Story

  1. tmezpoetry

    September 19, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    “Relatives looking for gain from tragedy” Wow love that 🙂

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