Uncle D.

12 Nov

I grew up listening to the stories of my elders, their stories are lost in the realm of death. This is another great story by Mike; read, enjoy or feel the sad emotion and place yourselves within the story. Thank you Mike

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My Uncle D. He was a different person, always kept to himself. We use to see him a lot when we were kids. We kind of thought he was the outlaw, he did what he wanted. We heard a lot of stories about him growing up from our dad. But he wouldn’t say much about him unless we asked, even then we knew he wasn’t telling us the entire story. As we got older Uncle D. disappeared from our lives. He was still around but turned into a recluse. He had no known family, or none we ever heard of. We had no Aunts or Cousins that we knew about. Although he was always invited and welcomed to family gatherings he was always absent. We just accepted him as he was.

My father called me up one day. He said Uncle D. had passed away. The neighbors hadn’t seen him…

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    I have to thank you 🙂

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