There is still time for change…

14 Jan



As we travel through the rampant winds of our unknown tomorrows, we may or may not anticipate the happiness or sorrow.  We journey and hope that our spirit will shroud itself in love.  We live within a universe filled with mystery; hoping that there is life beyond the grave; this I ask myself then why do I grieve when someone I love dies?

As children our teachers or, our mothers, fathers or others who may be our caretakers; we can only hope that they make wise decisions when doing so for it is these people who instill in us our faith.  Our teachings are that our souls descend from a mysterious place beyond the clouds, the stars, the planets; it is there where this loving entity lives.  Must we accept as truth the promise that love and family will surround us for all eternity?

As a young adult and now, I find that at times, I struggle through life with my own self-beliefs.  Nonetheless, when young fighting those who made the rules for me was a battle lost, I had no choice even if they were wrong.  I believe in youth that there should be a measure of freedom, to grow, to learn on one’s own; fighting the rule makers is not easy.

It is a waste of time, those who make the rules for us in our youth are set in their beliefs; to change or reason with them is impossible their eyes stay shut and their minds are closed.  As childhood and youth fades away, the trauma of growing up may leave the soul confused, one may be left holding crumbling pages filled with no knowledge or truth.

It is never too late to desire serenity in our hearts; let your spirit come alive, study the world around you and face life’s forces with open eyes and love and truth in your heart.  There is still time for change.

Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree

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4 responses to “There is still time for change…

  1. jackcollier7

    January 14, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    Wonderful words from you. Perhaps, the most important step on the road to self-belief, inner peace, and serenity is the desire and willingness to change oneself. ❤

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  2. sedge808

    January 15, 2017 at 2:21 am

    ‘It is never too late to desire serenity in our hearts’


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