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Family or Friends-Need or Greed

We are collectors, closets

filled with things that

seldom use, are these

kept of need, or greed. 


We are collectors; the

cracked mirror in the

basement, Grandmas’ as

children it distorted our

faces, made us laugh,

need or greed. 


We are collectors; boxes

of colored papers, dried

plaster with tiny hands,

boxes of remembrances

that no one ever see’s, need

or greed.


We are collectors; that old

chair of Great-Grandmas’ fills

a corner in the den, as well as

Grandpas’ old gun given to him

by a friend, need or greed.


We are collectors; sometimes our

treasures shroud us in sorrow,

happiness or fear, still we hold them

dear and near, need or greed.


It is the same with people…friends

or family we are collectors of this

too.  We have held onto them through

happiness or sorrow, to be the

only one who gives, holds on and

keeps coming back for more sadness,

to be tossed away.

need or greed.


Collectors of things or people, it may

be time to clear out what we do not need,

and of the people that does not care and 

offends us, or that were in our lives for greed.









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  1. Don MacIver, RPA, Editor, Writer, Poet, Author

    February 20, 2017 at 12:48 am

    Sometimes a begrudging ritual of springtime; a sense of renewal yet what are we truly doing…making room to acquire and store more of the same? To what end?

    There are those ‘things’ which we hold onto out of professed ‘sentimentality’ yet where is that deep-seeded significance when the ‘thing’ is stuffed in a box and buried under piles of other boxes and catchments? And when we hold onto an artifact previously owned by a lost loved one, if it is not on display in our home then where is the deeply personal connection of love and remembrance when we resignedly stow that item away to be unearthed another day?

    Humans are a curious lot in this regard. Silently we rationalize our behavior as though a bewildering notion discreetly swept under the rug. Curious indeed.

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