My soapbox for the day…

04 Aug


Today begin like any other Monday – Friday; weekends are for rest and relaxation; and like any other day I take Mason for a walk, brew a cup of coffee and turn on the computer.  I scan through the headlines, “as usual”; today my thoughts ran away toward the headlines that never change, only the wording.  Today’s list:

·         Ex-Giant arrested with 20 pounds of marijuana

·         Amazon’s chaotic jobs fair and found troubling insight about the American economy

·         The Department of Justice announced that it would withhold federal funds aimed at reducing violent crime from cities if they don’t work to cut down illegal immigration

·         Middle-income Americans report loads of financial stress

·         Norman Lear to Boycott Kennedy Center Honors over Trump Presidency

·         U.S. Heroin Trade Rooted in Mexico’s ‘Corridor of Death’

·         Justice Dept., Under Siege From Trump, Plows Ahead With His Agenda

·         China says India building up troops amid border stand off

·         Why have suicides in teen girls hit a 40-year high?

·         Federal officials say they agree with a decision not to prosecute a white Tennessee police officer who fatally shot a black man after a traffic stop.

These are but a few bad ones; then the next group, which does nothing for me.

·         10 secret’s men keep from women.

·         Game of Thrones to telecast shortest episode…Ever.

·         Mom invites Obama’s to daughter’s wedding.

·         Un-combable hair syndrome.

·         Grand Bar-B-Q list.

The good ones are there but you must scroll “way down” the page, so far that you give up and return to the top.  I am not a news junkie but I do like to scan the news on internet, and I must confess it is for “storylines” more than need to check out bad news. 

Good and bad are a part of life, what is good for a person may be bad for another.  The News Media and Society as a whole sets the standards people accept things at their face value. I believe that it is time to reevaluate our standards, do not allow news or society dictate what we should believe, how does the saying go “To Thy Own Self Be True”.

We become habituated to the division of good and bad in all aspects of our lives, we create stereotypes and judgments that are wrong.  Therefore, we have good food and bad food, good and bad music, good and bad writing, good and bad films, good and bad actors, good and bad rulers, and so on; we are told what is in fashion and what is out of fashion.

Most stress in our lives results from hanging on to beliefs that are simply outdated in our world.  Stand up for what you believe in and your individuality and uniqueness will shine through.  When you are true to yourself, you respect the opinions of others but do not have to conform to stereotypes or others expectations of you.

Are those like myself who does not conform to a government that is wrong; we must protest those standards that government would like to put upon us.  We must assemble, march and let our voices be heard with non-violence and with respect to authority  If you give respect you will get respect from law-enforcement; it is then and only then that we can make our voices be heard.

Off my soapbox for the day…

A great weekend to all of you.





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