Who Forgot To Shut The Barn Door?

womanwriterblogRecently, I read where President Donald Trump now wants to put his own spin into the America’s welfare system. He spoke of this during his campaign for the Whitehouse. It will be interesting to see where he cuts and to what extent. I have to agree on this one, the Welfare Department needs investigation as soon as possible; and the bad weeded out.

I live in the state of Wisconsin where you can walk into the waiting area of the Welfare Office and you will be “helped” in two ways. One, if you are an out of state individual you are escorted to the head of the line; not the waiting line but the “we will give you anything you may ever need line”. If you are a resident of the state, you may be told that there is a waiting list and it could be up to five-years before you will even be put on the waiting list.
Another common incident that I am aware of…for years a young Wisconsin woman has been on assistance since she was out of high school and started having babies each baby brought more money. The Welfare Department helped her pay for a house she bought via Section 8; she has a high percentage of her food paid for by the system with money being placed on a card resembling a credit card, she has free medical care, no limits just a $20 dollar co-pay.

In addition, she has had three children throughout with Wisconsin taxpayers footing the bill. The states free medical care paid for her to have her stomach stapled she was too fat to conceive and she wanted another baby. In addition, the “boy friend” the father of all of children has lived with her from the beginning. She had to sign an agreement that she lived alone with her children. This individual has reaped the rewards using taxpayer’s money.

In addition to all other infractions in the assistance program, she works and the employer pays her in cash, in paid credit cards, gas cards while paying the minimum that she can make before the system cuts her benefits. She has been working at the same company for years. I believe that it would draw suspicion to park outside the Welfare Office and get out of a $40,000 dollar vehicle, but no one ever confronts her. I have to ask the question…who forgot to shut the barn door, and how many cows got out before they realized it was open.

Now, is this her fault totally, no, she gets increases in funding with no one questioning her. She was overweight and could not have another child, so her free medical insurance signed off on her to have the $10,000 dollar stapling operation. She did have the fourth child and the state increased her assistance income. This is only one case, how many more slips through the cracks that are doing the same thing; when state assistance id denied for elderly individual that needs help.

This posting is about who gets what? I am neither Republican nor Democrat…I am for the best person for the joy. Right now, I believe we as Americans have our accommodating arms around the individuals in charge, while they have their hands in our pockets. My state will lose either way.

America has Donald Trump; Wisconsin has Scott Walker, what more can I say.

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10 thoughts on “Who Forgot To Shut The Barn Door?

  1. Well, it’s like giving to a homeless person. Some people may be and others may not be. There are always frauds. Yet, when we have lost everything and that small vintage of compassion and help is the only light or hope one has… it is a beautiful system designed to help a fellow human being in need. Life is hard for all in different ways. When I needed help the most I was denied medical. Did I have cancer? I don’t know, couldn’t get the testing. Who is to judge. A woman I knew was declared mentally incompetent due to a medical condition. She had kids irresponsibly. Who is to judge when we can force someone to tie tubes or have an abortion? There are so many issues here within poverty and mental health.

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  2. A United States of America tragedy. Now twisted into pretzels by politics, dysfunctional systems, and (it seems) apathy. Until you wake up one day needing assistance and are told sorry, nothing left for you–or that your paperwork is nothing more than that. Your own experience is a sad case in point.


    • You are oh so right! When you see an elderly couple pricing food items and eat not what they should be cheap substitutes. My granddaughter had a baby early the young father ran off. She spoke of assistance but instead she went to work, we all pulled together as a family and now in her late thirties she has a full and productive life. I am not against welfare, I just believe it should be better taken care of in who it accepts. I love hearing from you Elouise. Thank you for commenting. E.

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