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Green Grass and Heather


Green Grass and Heather…

It is morning and I find myself facing the eastern sky to bless the new day; I watch in awe as the coolness of the night melds with the golden rays of the sun.  As if a stranger to my own body, I run down a furrowed road, wind caressing my face, I am at peace living in the moment in the right place.  I leave the road to follow a path into unfamiliar woods; I stare into the darkness beyond the trees. 




I walked out of the darkness into a meadow, a sea of green grass and heather spread before me like purple froth upon a stormy sea; I began to run wildly at the anticipation of being free. As I reach the foot of a mountain my life, seem so very clear, I knew that freedom was very near.   At the summit, I leaned over the rocky ledge, suddenly I begin to fall; will I die when I hit the bottom I thought.   I plunge toward the valley below jolted to consciousness by moans that fill the void where I lay; I opened my eyes dawn was outside my window, and I realized that I had been dreaming; it was another new day.



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No sleep, never-ending

consciousness, thunder

and icy spray pounding

against the windowpane,

a lonely sound coming from

a fishing boat horn pierces

the fog.

No sleep, as screaming gulls

float through the air wild and

free, landing on nearby cliffs

near the white frothy waves

of the sea.

No sleep, as ghost from the

past brush across the mind and

soul, surging across infinity

wanting their story told.

No sleep, wanting the body

to relax, flip right, flip left; the

noise of the world springs from

every nerve, wistfully let there

be silence, calmness come back,

come back, come back.

No sleep, now ominous silence,

daggers in the back, rise, dress,

and night will never end; those

words in the head keep moving,

mind in a rage sitting silently

staring at the blank page.





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